Day 97: Brands For Less, Dubai

After work yesterday, we dropped by Brands For Less to check out their new offers.

We have been putting off the visit for quite a while because every time we go there, we end up buying a lot! And surprise, surprise, this visit was not an exemption!

First, let me tell you why we are fans of Brands For Less.

I am not a brand conscious shopper. Everyone knows how simple my taste is when it comes to fashion. Actually, I never rarely buy clothes with more than AED50 price tag. Stingy I know, but that’s me. No matter how much I like something, I won’t buy it unless I find the price reasonable. In fact, whenever I shop, I always check the price tag first before I inspect the item. That way, if I find it expensive, I will just ignore it all together so no hard feelings. Lol!

Ian, on the other hand, has always had good taste with clothes/shoes. I am actually amazed on how he carries himself no matter what he wears. I think this is because he is a picky smart shopper (unlike me). Before he buys, he has to examine and fit the item(s) many times first (which btw annoys the wits out of me. I am really impatient when it comes to shopping). He is also after quality. In fact, some of his old clothes still look new even after many years. This, I must say is also courtesy of him being so organized and careful when it comes to his things (masinop na bata :))

So to meet halfway, we shop at Brands for Less.

According to their website,

Brands For Less is not “just another retailer”. The purpose of our company is to bring the latest innovative products, items and gadgets availabale to the consumer. Unlike typical retailers however, we have committed resources to providing the best goods at the lowest prices, goods that will fascinate everybody and entice them to buy.

So our Mission is to add interest in buying things that makes people happy, with brands that help them look good, feel good and get more out of life.

Parang IKEA lang. Naks!

Anyway, say hello to our Brands for Less loots…

This PUMA footwear is one of our best finds.


Puma camouflage snickers, AED99

Here are mine…


I love the color combination of this Havaianas Slim flipflops so I bought them even if they’re a size bigger. AED49


Ian chose these for me. Metallic Havaianas flipfops, AED39


I don’t really prefer branded slippers but since they were on sale and of good quality, I gave in and bought these 2 pairs. 🙂


Tan Giani Benini Audrey shoes, AED75


Aqua colored top, AED33


Ecko Unlimited hooded top for women (in red and dark blue), AED39 each


Ecko Unlimited sleeveless top, AED20+


Earl Jean blue white-washed shorts, AED19


both of these comfy pajamas at AED20 each


night gown cum short dress, AED39


ladies top, AED20+

I have to emphasize here that all the above garments have the most comfortable fabric! Sabi ni Ian, ganun daw kapag branded. It’s the quality of fabric that makes it more costly.

Moving on, we found these cute Ipanema slippers for Xania.


Ipanema baby sandals, AED19

For Gab…


Havaianas for kids, AED39


Vans black shoes for Gab, AED60

We also bought 2 Ben10 floaters for him. AED13 each (not in the picture)

And finally, here are Ian’s finds…


Havaianas glow in the dark flipflops for men, AED39


Green Volcom shorts, AED41; Nike board shorts, AED50


Ring Of Fire camouflage shirt, AED24


Assorted sandos for men, AED20-25 each

It’s quite fulfilling to be able to purchase all these for less than AED1000.

Truly, Brands For Less offers branded and quality products with the lowest price. You don’t have to wait for a specific time to shop because with their prices, it’s like they’re always on sale!

FYI. Their tagline says it all,



Brands For Less, Muraqqabat Branch

Brands For Less, Muraqqabat Branch

Al Muraqqabat Street, Deira,
Dubai, UAE
Tel. No. +971 4 2349985
See other branches here:

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