Day 94: Asian Flavors Restaurant, Dubai

Why I’m grateful?

Yesterday, we finally had the opportunity to visit Asian Flavors Restaurant. The place is quickly becoming popular amongst our fellow kabayans for their ‘boodle fight’ menu.

According to Urban dictionary,

Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the “eating combat”. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position. 

When I was a young girl in Tarlac, I used to do picnics with my cousins and older relatives. We just harvest any available vegetables from Tatang’s farm, prepare other basic cooking tools and off we ride a ‘pogpog/kuliglig’ to the nearby river. There, the oldies try to catch as many fish as they can and grill them afterwards. The veggies are cooked in bagoong and we have the perfect accompaniment — a delicious pinakbet! While the oldies are busy, us kids just usually swim and play (I terribly miss my worry-free childhood days!) After all the preps, we spread banana leaves on a makeshift table and gather around it. Then viola, our very own boodle fight–no utensils, just our bare hands! Sarap!

Anyways, my housemates and I were supposed to try out Asian Flavors boodle fight menu last Friday but since we had a lot of leftover food from the night before, we decided to postpone it. So yesterday, when Ian picked me up from work, I asked him if we could finally push thru with the plan. Unfortunately though, no one else was available to join us 😦

I was only relying on google maps for directions so we got a bit confused in finding the exact location of the place (for some reason it was pointing to the island dividing both sides of the highway). Good thing I called their number and a friendly staff helped us. Their map is attached at the bottom of this post. 🙂

So when we finally reached the place, I was surprised to see the restaurant empty! I was actually expecting it to be packed as I usually see in their FB posts. Perhaps we came too early for dinner or because it was a Sunday. I didn’t mind though. Atleast we had all their staff’s attention and place for ourselves. hehe


Façade of Asian Flavors Restaurant, Al Qusais, Dubai UAE

We were given their main menu first. I browsed and found out that they offer a variety of cuisine like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and of course, Filipino.

When I asked for their boodle fight options, I learned that they only had one standard price (199 AED) which is usually good for 4 pax. Fair enough because it would be boring when there’s only two of you! The more, the merrier!


Boodle fight menu. All options @ AED199, good for 4-5 pax




Asian Flavors Restaurant menu


with my food trip buddy


Asian Flavors Restaurant Boodle Fight, “experience a unique eating adventure”


Boodle fight choices For Pinoys: Lab-as seafood festival, Buglasan Festival, Tanjay Fiesta, Birthday Boodle. I was surprised they also offer these: Indo-Chinese Feast, Mumbai Festival, Taj Festival

Since we cannot avail the boodle fight, we just opted to order from their main menu. We had crispy kangkong as starter which was surprisingly delicious. Starter palang, ulam na! Ian chose sizzling squid for mains. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ‘sizzling’ when it arrived on our table. Also, it was a bit bland for our taste. We had to add some soy and hot sauce to make it more enjoyable. Perhaps we just ordered it at the wrong time. We’ll give it another try next time. 🙂 The garlic fried rice was ok according to Ian.


Crispy Kangkong, AED12


Sizzling Squid, AEd35


Garlic Fried Rice, AED18


service was fast & friendly (not sure though if it’s the same case during weekends)

All in all, we enjoyed our first Asian Flavors visit. Their attentive staff are mostly Pinoys, by the way 🙂 I also love that the place exudes a natural ambiance + their prices are affordable. Perfect for us OFW’s who want to dine out and have fun once in a while. 🙂

We’ll definitely go back to try out their now famous BOODLE FIGHT experience 🙂


Asian Flavors Restaurant location map

Asian Flavors

Damascus St,. Al Qusais

Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 (4) 2359690

Additional Notes:

*Delivery service available

*Reservation for boodle fights is advised to lessen waiting time (specially on weekends)


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