Day 76: PH 2014 – J.CO, SM Pampanga


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Black-eyed seed


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Meisisipi


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Choco Caviar Strawberry and chocolate


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Blue Berrymore and Berry Spears


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Why Nut, Heaven Berry, Sesame Stripes, Oreology


J.CO Donuts, SM Pampanga. Sesame Stripes, Oreology, Avocado Dicaprio, Tiramisu


It’s good to note that they have free wifi inside the coffeeshop


Our J.CO treats. Donuts: Green Tea, Don Mochino Drinks: Ice chocolate, Capuccino Italian Nut


J.Co Donuts, SM Pampanga. Free glazed donut for one of the drinks we ordered.


Starbucks, SM Pampanga

Why I’m grateful?

During one of our SM Pampanga trips to process our OEC’s, we finally came across J.CO, an Indonesian donuts and coffee chain which has rapidly gained popularity in the Philippines.

I remembered during Crissy’s last PH vacation, she even brought us J.CO donuts directly from Manila! She was so nice to carry the box all the way here just to feed our curiosity. hehe

I love J.Co’s layout. They have organized counters and lines. Their couches and tables were positioned in a way that people can still relax and have coffee in peace. They also have free wifi for customers which is definitely a plus point.

We found a nice spot by the glass windows and just lounged there enjoying our J.CO green tea and Don Mochino donuts. We stayed there as long as we can as we were tired of all the driving and walking. As much as we wanted to try all the different donut flavors, we were already full so we’ll leave that for next time 🙂

I recommend J.CO donuts and coffee shop to those who want to lounge and pass time– either alone, on a date, with family or friends.

4 thoughts on “Day 76: PH 2014 – J.CO, SM Pampanga

  1. FYI! JCO Dubai is Fake! They don’t have legit franchise from our main which is Indonesia! So don’t expect that you can get the same quality of donuts you have here in the Philippines!

  2. donuts in Dubai is Fake!…

    please you can tell the difference form the original just by the taste and texture of the bread. :p

    you can check the authentic international store of from there website.

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