Day 73: Tatay’s 75th Birthday


Happy birthday Tatay! We love you!


Tatay at 75.

Why I’m grateful?

Above everything, I am grateful to have Nanay and Tatay who raised us so well since we were babies.

They were more than parents to us. In fact, I don’t think anyone has loved us more than they do.

Hay, if only I can be assured that God will let them stay with us for a long long longer time, I will be the happiest.

Every morning soon as I wake up and before I sleep at night, the first thing I pray for is for God to grant them healthy and longer lives. If possible, God can take away 20-30 years from my life and add it to Nanay and Tatay’s. Hati sila.

I still want to give them the comfortable and worry-free life they deserve. I want to give them more than that actually.

They have dedicated all their adult lives to their children and grandchildren kasi, until they forgot their own value. Nakakainis lang. Sometimes they think they don’t want to be pampered or given anything simply because ‘matanda na sila’. If only they know how much we want to give them everything.

Actually, if not for them I wouldn’t be here. They serve(d) as my motivation in everything–education, pageants, career, major life decisions, love, etc. Everything I do, I think about them first. That’s how much I respect and love them.

For this special day,  I say a little prayer…

Dear God,

Thank you for Nanay and Tatay.

Thank you for their unconditional love and caring hearts.

My sister and I were very fortunate to be raised in a God-fearing, well-nurtured, and happy home. 

We may not have a typical family but we grew up content because they gave us everything we needed and more.

Lord, you know how much we love Nanay and Tatay (and we are willing to do everything for them).

Please continuously touch/heal them with your loving hands.

As much as possible, always make them healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.

Lord, I need you to please take away all their worries and sadness.

And bless them with peace in their hearts & minds.


I know favorite ako ni Lord so he will grant all my prayers. He will never let me down because he knows I’m not ready. Please Lord, I’m not ready to lose them yet.

Note: The message in this post is same as what I have written here:

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