Day 60: Everyday Is A Blessed Day


Why I’m grateful?

I was browsing my gallery and saw that I actually had nothing to post for Day 60. 😦

But I realized that even if there isn’t any “post worthy” moment everyday, I should still be thankful because:

* The fact that I wake up each sunrise and brave the morning traffic to come to work means I have a job — I am blessed;

* The fact that I only have sandwich/leftover food for breakfast means I won’t face the day with an empty stomach — I am blessed.

* The fact that I cannot even go to a long bathroom break because I’m loaded with reports means I am a valuable part of the company — I am blessed.

* The fact that I go home to a messy apartment with crumpled sofa cover, unwashed dishes, and untidy bed means I have a home (and friends) to give me comfort at the end of a long and tiring day — I am blessed.

* The fact that I have petty fights with my siblings, friends, or partner means I am not alone — I am blessed;

* The fact that I am abroad and away from my family means I have better income enabling me to support them and more — I am blessed;

* The fact that I was able to realize all these despite an ‘uneventful’ day means I have a good life — therefore I am blessed! 🙂

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