Day 26: On The Job Reflections


OC-ness in action! The trainers were quite amazed to see all the materials prepared on time. They also complimented the  way I labeled and organized the documents. Hearing words like “You made our lives easier”, “You have set the standards too high” and the endless “Thanks” made all the efforts worth it.


booked a sumptuous buffet dinner in a Deira hotel. Was happy to receive a lot of thank you’s from the trainers and participants.



Why I’m grateful?

Organising this training taught me a lot of things…

1. The difficulty of a certain task will depend on how you look at it. A positive person will try to look for ways to complete the job effectively while a pessimist will focus on the limitations and challenges.

2. Delegation is key to success. To make sure every task is completed and done properly, responsibilities should be clearly assigned. Cooperation and communication are also important.

3. Ref to #2. If a person is given a certain responsibility, he will give his best when working on it. He will make sure that everything is done properly and on time. That said, when the job is completed, he will be pleased and fulfilled. On the other hand, he will also feel accountable in case any mishap happens.

4. Being organized makes any job easier.

5. It’s always better to ask and receive support from others. Do not be ashamed to ask when you really need it. Remember, two heads are better than one.

6. “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way.

7. Receiving acknowledgement from others is priceless specially if you know you worked really hard to achieve it.

8. Finally, you never know how much you can do until you try. And you never know how far you can reach until you make the first step.

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