Day 6: Fit Friday















For my 6th day, I’m sharing snaps from our first Dubai Marathon experience 🙂

Why I’m grateful?

As I’ve always mentioned on this blog, I feel blessed & priviledged to be part of my present company. Today’s event was another reason to be proud! AF successfully launched its first-ever Road Race!

Employees and their families/ friends were invited to join the 3K and 10K marathon for free. We were asked to register online and was given the schedule beforehand. Registration starts at 6 am and race proper at 8:30 am. It was our first time to join any Dubai Marathon so we didn’t expect to see various booths around. We arrived at the venue by 8 am, just in time to line up and collect our shirts & number. 😦 Too bad we missed the chance to go around and enjoy other freebies.

Despite the long queue, we were still able to join the 3K marathon. Everyone completed the route at their own pace. Some were running but most were only walking (including us)! It was more of a walkathon actually.

I admire the 10K runners as I am confident I wouldn’t make it to the finish line if I were them. It really takes a lot of discipline and endurance to be a runner. Kudos to the winners! 🙂

Anyhow, I completed my first 3K marathon in 42 mins. It could have been shorter if I was not walking the whole time. hehehe

The best part of the race was meeting our big boss! I was starstrucked to finally see him in the flesh! Of course, I didn’t let the opportunity pass to snap a picture with him. 🙂

This experience only encouraged me more to be fit and healthy. Also, it won’t hurt to push your limits once in a while.

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