100 days challenge: Accepted!

Since a lot of good things have been coming my way lately, I want to document AT LEAST one thing/ reason that makes me happy once a day in 100 days (or if God willing, extend it to 365 days 🙂 ).

Finally, after seeing all the FB & instagram posts about this challenge, I decided to do the same. Well not to be “in” but I just realized that everyday brings us a lot of things to be grateful for. Unfortunately, sometimes we are just pre-occupied with other things in our lives that we fail to notice them.

This challenge will serve as a way to remind me to see, feel, & appreciate God’s little blessings everyday.

I hope by the end of 100 days (or 365), I will turn out to be a happier & more positive person than what I am today.

As early as now, I know it will not be hard for me to complete the 100 days challenge as everyday is a blessed day!

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