Writing a letter to my future self

Here’s a letter I just sent for my 30th birthday using http://ohlife.com/timecapsule. I’m posting it here in case I totally forget about it or the website shuts down soon. hehe.

Dear Me (in the future),

This is your 25 year old self wondrin’ how you are as you celebrate your 30th birthday. Are you finally happy? Had your dream of settling down with your husband and kid(s) come true? How is your career? By the way, do you love yourself now more than 5 years ago?

Just a bit of recap on how your life was as you were writing this letter.

1. You’re living in a dead routine of home-work-home. You wanted to do a lot of things like shopping, travel, and making new friends but you couldn’t because unfortunately you didn’t have the energy, you thought pampering yourself was just a waste of money, and most specially, you were just plain LAZY!

2. You felt like you were carrying the whole world in your hands. Thinking about everyone else’s problems became your hobby. You kept reminding yourself that you’re missing your youth and life is short but you just couldn’t stop thinking and worrying about a lot of things!

3. You were in a 3+ year old relationship and you were wondrin’ if he was the one. You were both inlove but didn’t have any clear plans of the future. Marriage was mentioned a few times but since you were just starting to have stable careers and you still had other responsibilities, it wasn’t yet a priority.

4. You came to a realization that friends are what separate a lonely and happy life. At 25, you were missing your friends so much–the laughter, the company, and believe it or not, even the gossip! Since you left when you were 22, you never found the same friends you had in childhood, highschool and even college. In fact, it felt like you didn’t have any at all. Was it really difficult for you to make friends in the workplace? What happened to the 15 yr. old you who made sure she was surrounded by awesome people?!

5. You just finished half of your driving lessons. At 25, you finally learned to manipulate a car! Getting a license wasn’t just about finally being able to drive to and from work. It was about hope. Hope that perhaps when you start driving, you will reach places, expand your horizon and enjoy life at last!

6. You loved your family so much that after 3 years of being away (and 2 vacations), you still felt like crying when talking to them. You missed them so much that you’re thinking maybe that’s the reason you didn’t feel happy and contented amidst the comfort and stability Dubai had to offer. Nanay and tatay were still the most important people in you life. And every night, you kept praying to God to bless them with many more years. You just finished sending Che to school, Gena hopefully for 2 more years.

7. At 25, you still have a lot of dreams — to build your own house, buy a car, travel, get married and have kids, taste a little luxury and most importantly, BE HAPPY!

I hope that as you read this, you have already achieved #7. And you will look back smiling because in the last 5 years, you gained not just experience and maturity but also CONTENTMENT!


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