Luck… or the lack of it!

Last Thursday, I was slapped with a 210 DHS fine by RTA all because I “failed” to check in the bus! I repeat, 210 DHS!! Wow, it’s so painful!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I could have just taken Bus #53 as I usually do but since I wanted to sit comfortably and read, I boarded bus #43 which will also take me directly to a green line Metro Station. In short, I chose convenience over safety (from RTA). It was my mistake din naman as I should have checked the screen when I tapped the card but I was so busy reading I didn’t even glance. Sayang ang 210DHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But atleast it’s a lesson learned. Masakit pero sometimes you have to experience something hard before you realize your mistakes.

Pero this post is not just about learning from mistakes. It’s also about making decisions and how destiny interferes after.

Few weeks ago, I read about this article where a boy’s life was saved because at the last minute, his dad changed his mind and did not allow him to go driving around town with his friends. He was so pissed because there he was reviewing for his exam while his friends were having a great time partying. kawawa, right? But guess what, after a few hours, he learned that all his friends died in a freak accident. The driver was too drunk their car crashed. He should have died as well if only he didn’t listen to his dad.

Actually, it happens all the time.. An old man decides to cross the street and suddenly a car hits him. A mom leaves her child in the balcony for a few seconds and he falls. A father buys a raffle ticket and wins a brand new car!

See simple decisions…but some definitely change lives!

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