When I’m happiest…

Here are some pictures on our family’s Nueva Ecija getaway. We were invited to Uncle Tino’s (tatay’s brother in-law) bday which fell just a day before our flight back to Dubai. Glad we pushed through the trip ‘coz it also served as a small family reunion! Being happy together even for just that day was overwhelming. (I was secretly wishing they stay like that even if I weren’t around). Actually, it was also bitter-sweet for me as I was just counting the hours before our flight so the whole time I was controlling myself not to tear up. OA but true. That’s how emotional I get basta family ang involved. Until now I still miss them that’s why I dread talking to them thru calls or skype kasi emotional parin ako. I hope I can be with them longer. Lalo na with nanay and tatay. Hay, if only I have a choice. Sometimes I want to come home nalang because life with them is simple. We don’t have enough pero I surprisingly feel more content and relaxed. I forget all my worries and I feel at peace. It’s like having everything I need in my hand. In other words, I appreciate the simplicity of life I have with them more than all the glamour and comfort I experience here. I hope those people who take their families for granted realize what they are missing before it’s too late. Kasi for me, I’m willing to exchange everything just to be able to stay with these people  love most… 


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