This is the day!

Wow, this is it! In a few hours… we will be on our way to home sweet home! Finally!

Imagine, I will be welcoming my birthday thousands of miles above the ground! What can be more exciting diba?

Hay, thank you Lord for all the blessings! Sometimes, I don’t feel na deserve ko lahat ng binibigay mo sakin. =( You know I feel guilty kasi minsan cranky ako, naiinis ako at nasstress sa small issues kaya nakakalimutan kong mag-appreciate. Hopefully as I age another year, maging mas mature nako in handling stress. Sana worry free na para bumagay naman yung itsura ko sa tunay na age ko. hehe.

This year, I will not be wishing for anything but mas mahabang buhay pa sana para kina nanay and tatay kasi this is just the beginning of a better life for us. Gusto ko maenjoy pa nila.

At 25, I can say that this is the life I want. I have wonderful family and friends, I have a career that’s giving us financial stability, I’m in love, and most importantly, I’m at peace.

These are my goals for this year: (in random order ha)
-start saving for a home
-get a driving license
-be able to sponsor someone from the phils.
-live a beautiful life (literally)
 -save for our wedding
-send one of our relatives to school
-finally, just enjoy what’s left in my youth! hehe

Again, Lord, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I love you po.

Happy birthday to me!!!!!


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