Life as we know it

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Learn to forgive and forget. Forgive the people and forget the pain they’ve caused you. However, if you think they consistently affect your life in a negative way, just let them go and move on. You have a beautiful life to focus to. After a while, you will get over their absence and realize that your life, after all, is better without them.

You will only be happy when you are able to freely say and do what you think. However, remember to think before you say or do, and do as you say.

Have you…Failed an exam? Lost a job? Broke up with your partner? Been betrayed by a friend? Said something harsh to a loved one? It’s human nature to feel bad when we lose, fail, or make mistakes. We also feel bad when something or someone is taken away from us. When these happen, we tend to question God, we blame other people or worse, we blame ourselves. Other ways of coping up are crying for days, screaming like crazy, or shutting ourselves from the world. These happen to everybody. It’s a part of life. As cliché as it might be, keep in mind that “everything happens for a reason and “God takes away when he has something better to give”. Just hold on to your faith.

Let us not forget that the beauty of life is not about your goals, it’s about the little steps you take to achieve them. Savour every day of your life for “happiness is a journey, not a destination”.

A beautiful sunset; an unexpected marriage proposal; seeing your baby for the first time; or finally realizing one of your greatest dreams. These moments don’t happen every day. When they do, enjoy every second of it and be thankful for you are blessed.

It can be your family, friends, or a long-time partner. Among the billion people on earth, these are the only ones who value and love you. They are the same people who bring out the best in you, forgive your mistakes, and stay by your side no matter what it takes. So why do you keep on hurting them by not realizing their importance in your life? You should thank and reciprocate their love as much as you can for when they’re gone, they will take a part of your life nobody can ever replace.

God is smart. He lets you see both sides of everything so you can learn to appreciate more. Simple as that.

Be the best in everything you do. So in the end, when you look back, there will be no regrets. Instead, you will be proud of yourself because you know your life was more than worth it.

There will come a certain point in your life when all your plans will fail, people will disappoint you, and everything else in between will fall apart. Well you have two choices: accept your fate or trust your faith that someone out there will come and help you pick up the pieces.

At some point your life you were bound to make choices. No matter how much you thought about the choices you made, still some of them ended up as mistakes. You must not: blame yourself; dwell on what ifs; and listen to “I told you so” comments from other people. What you need to do is stand by your decision and just try everything to make things right. It’s what you wanted after all.

Just like everybody else, you are scared to stumble. You know that when you fall, only two things will happen: either you slightly get hurt; or worse, you will scar deeply. Trust yourself, keep going and have faith that no matter how scary it is, you can and you will reach your destination.

It might be the 3rd unpalatable cake you baked; 2nd licensure exam you failed; 5th boyfriend who left you; or the 20th job rejection you received. Well failure is a part of life. We will not be able to appreciate success without feeling how awful it is to fail. Just keep trying. Maybe your 6th boyfriend will end up marrying you. Who knows?

This is a question I often hear from beauty pageants: “If you only have 24 hours left, what will you do and why?” I think the most common and best answer to this one is to do the things you’ve always wanted and spend the day with the most important people in your life simply because you want your life to end with a happy and contented heart. Well, there’s no harm in doing this every day.

If you can overcome yourself, you can overcome everything. After all, your greatest enemy is yourself.

True. Find someone who will influence you to grow and develop into a better person than you already are. Love is great if you share it with the right person.

Your brain is the most powerful part of your body. What you think affects your emotions and actions. Learn to appreciate the things around you, enough of the worries and negative thoughts. Dwell on happy thoughts and everything else will follow.


Again, life is short so go and make the most out of it!

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